Are YOU a TrumpSucker?

Take our test and find out.


Are YOU a TrumpSucker? 

Take This Test Now And See Your Results!


If you like or admire Donald Trump, and/or just like his politics and policies, please answer each of the following questions honestly, then tally up your score at the end to see if you qualify as a genuine TrumpSucker.


  • Like him or loathe him, Donald Trump WAS the choice of most American voters and the majority of this country freely voted, without interference or manipulation, to put him in the White House in 2016. 



  • Donald Trump is a deeply devout, sincerely religious man who reads the Bible on a regular basis and always tries, day by day, to live by the words and teachings of Jesus Christ.  



  • If you met Donald Trump in person, he’d be very friendly, laugh a lot in a genuine way, consider himself no better than you, be extremely humble, modest and gracious, never brag or talk about himself and be completely focused on learning everything about you and your ideas for our country.



  • Donald Trump took an economy that was absolutely disastrous in 2016 with massive unemployment, business failures and runaway inflation and turned it into a SUPERB economy all by himself using his business genius right after he took office.            AGREE__  DISAGREE__ UNCERTAIN__


  • Donald Trump truly does know more than anyone else about absolutely everything, including emerging technologies, medicine, contagious diseases, military strategy, economics, health care, mathematics and statistics, history, international relations, nuclear physics, race relations, law enforcement, and any other subject, field, question or topic imaginable.                                  AGREE__  DISAGREE__ UNCERTAIN__


  • Donald Trump is absolutely irresistible to all women. The ones who deny their overwhelming attraction to him are just in denial since everyone knows how almost every woman dreams of being with him. 



  • Donald Trump is an absolutely loyal and devoted husband and father who has NEVER acted inappropriately with women, never touched a woman without her prior consent and has NEVER violated his marriage vows. 



  • Donald Trump is a billionaire.                                                                                                                                             



  • Donald Trump always used his own money to build his casinos, hotels and other buildings.                     



  • Donald Trump has never said anything bad about our nation’s military and never would say such negative things about anyone in uniform no matter what.                                                                                                     




 How To determine your score and what it might mean about you.

  • Add up the number of “Agree” answers you provided in this online test. If you checked off “Agree”:

  • Zero Times: You're absolutely, definitely NOT a TrumpSucker or anything approaching it. 

        (Feel free to inquire with us about working for this website!)


  • 1 to 3 Times: Clearly NOT a TrumpSucker but constant self-awareness might be needed. Commit to reality now.


  • 4 to 6 Times: Now you’re “in the zone” of TrumpSuckerism. Stressful place to be. You might want to go back and look at each of your answers and ask if one or more is more revealing of your real thinking.


  • 7 to 9 Times: Welcome To TrumpSucker USA! It’s actually a more diverse place than many assume, filled with all sorts of people, from true religious zealots to novice converts who joined this “community” (cult?) just last Tuesday. You’re free to leave TrumpSucker USA at any time, of course. But after a might forget your own free will. (And most of you with this score are far smarter than you might be acting. But we must inquire: Would it possibly help if you had a trained professional to talk to?)


  • 10 Times: TEN! TEN !?!?!?!? DID YOU ACTUALLY SCORE A “TEN,” MEANING YOU AGREED WITH ALL TEN STATEMENTS? Well...uh...okay, then! You ARE a TrumpSucker! Need we say anything more? (No, seriously. That’s okay. Thank you anyway. Now if you’ll be so kind to excuse us, the rest of us will just carry on by ourselves from here on out... ;-)

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