Trump & DeVos: A Match Clearly Made In Anti-Public School/Pro-Privatizer Heaven

Just when we thought that William Bennett and Arne Duncan were essentially tied for the title of "Worst Education Secretary In History" along comes Betsy DeVos---a billionaire heiress who had never set foot in a public school unless to condemn it as an example of "failure" in her obsessive lust to privatize our nation's public education system.

DeVos despises the entire idea of free, universal public schools for ALL children. She detests the fact that teachers have the right to organize---which is a basic human right, recognized in every democratic country---and she appears committed to the idea that our schools should be turned into "businesses" that "compete with each other" as if they were no different from any other for-profit enterprise.

And her education privatization efforts have a additional benefit for DeVos and her tiny but vastly wealthy and powerful circle of friends; Wall Street has been salivating over "the education billions" for decades and they are committed to pursuing this "charter school" and "choice" agenda as their best tactic for realizing their dream of privatizing all K-12 public schools.

Well, we already have a pretty good idea of what "school choice," charters and education privatization would look like in the future; our health care system.

Imagine all your "choices" being between private entities of one sort or another with the few remaining "public" schools exclusively serving the poorest of the poor, similar to Medicaid, varying by state, and constantly subject to the threat of being closed.

Instead of a free, universal, truly PUBLIC education system, where EVERY PERSON is entitled to a public education for their children, we'd soon see it slowly dismantled and replaced by a system where soon we'll be hearing terms like "co-pay," "premium increase," "your deductible" and "lifetime limits" brought to you by the same mentality that brought you our increasingly precarious and bizarre "private health care system" that always has and always will prioritize corporate or investor gain over the care and health of patients and citizens.

DeVos is completely detached from the real world of tight family budgets, job force reductions, poor or no health care, depleted savings and so much more. There's a reason she was chosen by Donald Trump; they share the same elitist, out-of-touch, "let the poorly educated eat cake" attitude, gleefully detached from the rest of us in a world of celebrity, mansions, yachts, private jets, private stadium suites, private gated communities, private schools for their precious progeny, private everything.

Unsurprisingly both Trump and his handmaiden DeVos want "choice" in education---their"nice word" for their privatization plans---plans that will take our precious tax dollars away from our free, open to all, public schools and hand them over to private interests that want to gradually change every school in America into a charter or "private" school that makes a tiny number of the already very wealthy that much richer.

The ONLY thing that will stop Trump and DeVos is an educated and vigilant group of parents, in every public school in the nation, fighting to maintain our nation's public schools and all that they offer and represent.

It's time for her to leave. And unless Trump loses this year's election she won't be going anywhere else soon. Remember to vote, people.

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