Best Nicknames for The Name-Caller In Chief (And Add Your Own!)

Since he loves to attack in "middle school style" by inventing juvenile nicknames for anyone who questions him, we thought it would be fun to create a list of nicknames for Donald Trump. Here's an ever growing list. Enjoy and feel free to add one or more of your own!

The Official Donald Trump Nickname List: We invite you to contribute one or more of your own and spread the words to TrumpSuckers and non-TrumpSuckers alike!

  • The Name-Caller In Chief

  • Donald Dumb Dump (Or just Dumb Dump or DD for short)

  • Whining Windbag

  • Bozo The Braggart

  • Putin's Puppet

  • Putin's Plaything

  • Putin's Prostitute

  • Putin's Poser

  • Traitor Trump

  • Sordid Svengali

  • Wonderful Role Model For Our Children (This one is called EXTREME sarcasm)

  • The Tax Trickster

  • Tiny Hands

  • Tiny Tool

  • Dummy Donnie

  • Dissembler Donnie

  • Donny Little Dingy

  • Donny The Dingbat

  • Dopey Donny

  • Ditzy Donnie

  • Submissive Spankee

  • Stormy's Spankee

  • Don The Con (As in "con man" or "future convict)

  • Donnie The Wannabe "Don" (As in Organized Crime Boss)

  • Fat Donny

  • Donnie The Degenerate

  • Wall Whiner

  • Instable Idiot

  • Unstable Incompetent

  • The Sexual Sociopath

  • Delusional Donnie

  • The Cowardly Con

  • Bone Spur Baby

  • Debased Base Bragger

  • Mushroom Member

  • Mushroom Manhood

  • Donny Dry Drunk

  • Donnie The Diddler

  • Donnie Dodo

  • Donny The Dildo

  • The Bogus "Billionaire"

  • Twitter Twit

  • Trolling Tweeter

  • Mister Modest

  • Temper Tantrum Trump

  • Make-Believe Masker

  • Dementia Donnie

  • Donny Demented

  • The Pretend "President"

  • Donnie The Dissimulator

  • Little Girl Grabber

  • The Republican Rapist

  • Very Unstable Non-Genius

  • Climate Denying Doofus

  • Dime Store Mussolini

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If I like your suggested names for the "Namecaller In Chief" We will add them to the above list.

We look forward to receiving your suggestions soon!

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