Making It All Up: Inventing Excuses for the Coming Trump Election Defeat

Winners don’t talk like losers. They’re confident. They let their actions do most of the talking. They project a quiet assurance. And they don't start announcing before the game is even played that their opponents are guaranteed to cheat. Donald Trump is just the opposite.

For months now we’ve heard Trump make one excuse after another for how “rigged” this year’s election will the “winner may never be known”...and how this will be “the most corrupt election in history.” Really? Based on what, exactly?

When was the last time you heard a professional tennis player say weeks before a major competition, “If I don’t win, it means the game was rigged against me!” Did you ever hear a MLB star declaring at the All-Star break, “The rest of this season is going to be the most corrupt and least fair in history. The umpires are all against us in a major conspiracy to make us lose!”

How often has the quarterback of a team playing in the preseason uttered, “The ONLY way any other team could possibly beat us is if they cheat. So, if we don’t win, I’m urging all of our fans to be ready to take to the streets and refuse to accept the results. Because if our opponents win it means that they stole it from us!”

Bizarre? Yes. Unhinged? Obviously? Very likely most of the public would agree. And in the realm of elections Trump is ALREADY trying hard to cushion the blow of his fall, working hard to get people acclimated to the possibility of his losing but assuring them ahead of time that any victory by anyone other than himself must be fraudulent.

Anyone talking this way is very, very worried about losing. And even worse---losing with everyone watching and having to endure the absolute humiliation of it.

Humiliation that MUST be avoided at ANY cost---to anyone but himself. And as the most powerful person on the planet Trump has all too many resources at his fingertips that he has willfully exploited in the past and will be even more inclined to use in the coming weeks and months. “No. That can’t happen! Unbearable to even imagine!” we can imagine Trump saying to himself. Better to start the rumor, long before the actual event happens that if you lose it simply CANNOT be that your opponent was the true choice of the voters and that they chose him due to your failings, your deliberate deceptions, your corruption and your daily lying to try and cover all of this up; lying on a scale that is absolutely astonishing---even by the standards most of us hold for politicians. Trump isn’t normal or balanced. A normal or balanced person would never assume that they deserve to be the “winner” every time. They also don't spend their entire life promoting themself as a Paragon of Perfection who has to ALWAYS finish on top; NEVER concede anything, never admit another person could be your equal. YOU are THE winner and that is THE Natural Order of the Universe. Anything else is “impossible.”

That’s when you realize you need to write your own narrative long beforehand. Make sure that it has LOTS of time to set in and be absorbed by your most absolutely adoring fans; the ones who believe fervently in your “invincibility” and will worship you accordingly. Start early. Make sure everyone knows that your prediction could very likely come true. You are desperate for an explanation of the outcome that will protect your self-promotion mythology among your cherished base.

So don’t be surprised when Trump starts squawking about this multiple times a week going forward. Hell, in the last two or three weeks before November 3rd it’ll be more like multiple times a day. It’s all Donald Trump has at this point. Our opinions on this man are baked in. Deeply. Few are still making up their minds about this guy. And although he never says so publicly, Trump is completely obsessed with polls and is acutely aware of what they’re saying. He now KNOWS he’s going to lose. And that is why Trump’s whines about “fake news” and “corrupt elections” will soon turn into shrieks. And those shrieks will become more frequent and increasingly desperate.