How Will Trump Try To Spin THIS One?

By now anyone reading this has heard about the bombshell story regarding the tax returns of Donald J. Trump that appeared in the New York Times.

It’s all there. All the bullshit from Trump that we’ve heard ad nauseum for years. Years! Now all fully debunked with clear numeric detail.

Among many other cogent points, this exemplary journalism demonstrates the following:

  • Donald Trump is not a billionaire. Not even remotely close. In fact he’s broke and has roughly $400 million in loans that he had to personally guarantee that are coming due soon. (Why would an actual “billionaire” need to borrow a mere $400 million?)

  • Trump was either lying to the Internal Revenue Service OR his creditors, or most likely both since during the same exact years he was crying poverty and claiming he was losing money he was telling his lenders that he was flush with cash and telling the voting public that he was “really rich” and “worth $10 BILLION DOLLARS!”

  • This “AMERICA FIRST!” president---as he declared himself to be on Inauguration Day 2017---paid FAR MORE money in taxes to nations like India, Turkey and the Philippines.

  • Somehow the $400 million handed to him by his daddy many years ago AND the $427 million given to him from “The Apprentice” vanished into thin air, raising the legitimate question of how good a financial steward is this guy. How many people could blow close to a billion dollars and find themselves in perennial fiscal jeopardy?

  • That Trump paid a mere $750---that’s right; seven hundred fifty bucks TOTAL in federal income taxes in both 2016 and 2017. (Bill Gates and Jeff Bezos, REAL billionaires, probably pay that much---quite literally---per minute or per second over the course of a year.)

  • There are REAL national security implications here. If Trump is in debt to certain private interests, particularly ones located in other countries, how compromised will he be in his remaining time in office? Has he been acting in the interest of the United States or just in the interest of Trump and family?

  • Trump can get away---at least some of the time with some of the people---with absolutely constant lying about everything from his private dealings with Putin to sexual assault and almost everything else but THIS is very, very hard to spin.

Predictably, just hours after the story appeared, Trump came out of his private residence to sing two of his “greatest hits” that we’ve all heard far too many times already; “Every word of this story is FAKE NEWS!” and “I WANT to show my taxes. And everyone WILL see soon as that audit is over!” It’s difficult to understand how anyone with him in the room at the time keeps from bursting into laughter!

And if this bombshell of a story is “fake” as Trump and his enablers claim then there is a very easy way to prove it; release what you insist are “my real tax returns” and let all of us judge. You’d think that Trump and Company would salivate at the opportunity to prove the mainstream media “WRONG” in front of the world. The fact that they are showing nothing and just resorting to the same old tired playbook of mendacious cliches and more attacks on the free press speaks volumes.

So Trump and his cult comprised of abject aides, fawning followers, compliant congressmen, subservient senators, entranced worshippers and Fox flatterers can twist and turn and rotate until pigs are flying at the speed of light---but it won’t make a bit of difference. No amount of spinning is going to rationalize this or make it disappear.

It just won’t wash anymore, Donald. It just won’t wash.