He Said, 26 Women Said: Is Trump REALLY the only one telling the truth about sexual assault?

(Part One of Two)

"She wouldn't be my first choice!" First choice for what, exactly? To grab? To force? To sexually assault? To rape? But that was the "joke" that Donald J. Trump made in October 2016 in reference to just one of the many accusations of sexual assault made against him earlier that month.

His bizarre and offensive statement begs the question: Okay then, Donald, please tell us what woman WOULD be your "first choice" for...sexual assault or rape? This little "joke" about his "first choice" wasn't just stated in public; it was SHOUTED with a smirk during one of Trump's signature "rallies" filled with thousands of rapturous worshippers and viewed by countless millions shortly afterwards. Why haven't any reporters yet asked that question? It would be good to see it come up during a future debate or White House press briefing.

It is still incredible that Trump's "Cute Little Rape Joke" received so little attention, so little coverage, and so little outrage immediately after several of these 25 women---now 26---came forward. It is especially surprising when even one such allegation, if proven after a thorough and fair investigation, should be enough to absolutely disqualify anyone from holding the highest elective office in the United States of America.

Indeed, a 2018 article in the New York Times reported that 201 prominent men had lost their posts in the wake of similar and even far less serious allegations at the height of the “Me Too” movement. How is it then, that Trump---thus far---has faced no consequences whatsoever as a result of these allegations?

Do most people really believe that Trump is telling the truth and that all 26 women are lying? This TrumpSucker writer thinks not. We’ve watched this man, up close, for over four years now and we know that this is just the type of thing that Donald J. Trump would be most likely to lie about.

Let’s consider some prime examples of Trump’s behavior and shine a light on the flimsy excuses that his apologists have made to deflect attention from the fact that our “president” has been accused of rape and sexual assault.

Where There’s Smoke, There’s Fire

Most people were absolutely disgusted and appalled by what they heard on the Access Hollywood tape. But very few were entirely SHOCKED, stunned, or astonished when it first came to light. Indeed, these comments were very much in character. After all...this is Donald Trump. He’s obsessed with force, power, control and dominance--- particularly regarding women. He personifies the gleefully crude, vulgar, obnoxious and boorish loudmouth know-it-all who fancies himself to be a dashing ladies’ man and “hot, irresistible playboy.” This tape, his sick and sickening words and the sexual assault allegations that followed all seemed to...well...fit...so perfectly with who and what he claims to be and the image that he’s been proud of projecting for decades.

Remember that Trump is the man who made “jokes” about lusting after his own daughter. He remarked to several people that a 10-year-old girl he saw on an escalator would be someone “I’ll be dating in 10 years!” Trump publicly bragged that he purchased the “Little Miss America Beauty Pageant” because he wanted to be able to walk in on underage girls while they were undressing. His ex-wife Ivana even accused him of rape during their divorce litigation.

Like a schoolyard bully, Trump mocks male and female political rivals with negative comments about their appearance. But he doesn’t stop there. Actresses, princesses, beauty pageant winners, reporters, and TV personalities. Everyone is fair game to Trump, particularly women, who Trump routinely objectifies with language targeting them for looks that do not---or no longer if heaven forbid, they’ve aged---measure up to his scale for what he classifies as “a 10” . Check out this Vox article detailing 28 years of Trump insulting women, usually about their appearance.

So, was it a shock when we were shown incontrovertible evidence of the extent to which Trump disrespects women? Not at all. Again, this is who Donald Trump is. And who he is actually proud of being.

What’s the Magic Number?

In contrast to Trump’s well documented behavior and statements, the vast majority of people WERE completely and totally SHOCKED when “America’s Dad”, Bill Cosby, was accused by multiple women of sexually attacking them and in many cases of also drugging them as a means of forcing them to engage in sex with him against their will. Even after several women came forward to tell their harrowing stories, often in sickening detail, Cosby still retained a legion of admirers and defenders who posited that his accusers made phony claims due to their lust for his money and “publicity” for themselves. Others dismissed this handful of women as just another symptom of “political correctness gone wild!”

But the Cosby accusations became harder and harder to deny as more and more women came forward. When the numbers jumped into the teens...and then the twenties and thirties...fewer and fewer people were standing by Cosby. When the number of women making accusations reached into the forties and fifties it was no longer much of a credible debate.

So, regarding the equally serious sexual assault accusations against Donald Trump, where is the cutoff? What is the “magic number” for believability? How many straws does it take to finally break the proverbial camel’s back?

Would four women coming forward be enough? Apparently not. What about 9, 12, 18, or even the current number of 26? Does the total have to exceed 50 or even 60 for people to stop denying what should be crystal clear? How many more women need to come forward for people to begin believing that Donald Trump IS a sexual predator, a serial assaulter and yes, a rapist? Does Sexual Assault Disqualify Someone from Being President?

Of course they shouldn’t, but belief in Trump’s guilt or innocence regarding these allegations appears to break down along party lines. Apparently, political leanings and ideology are more of a determinant than the facts and the testimony of numerous women. Would the Trump backers who buy his claim that every single one of these women is lying and that there isn’t one iota of truth to their stories feel the same way if 26 women accused Joe Biden, Barack Obama or some other prominent Democrat of the same thing?

In your workplace---regardless of what you do for a living---would a person be able to retain their job it they were accused of sexual assault and rape by 26 different women? You’d probably be forced to resign or be fired regardless if you were a “high status” physician, lawyer, engineer or corporate executive, or “low status” retail clerk, truck driver or janitor---or any position in between. But yet, if you’re the President of the United States of America you not only get to keep your job after committing these crimes---you’ll still be treated with absolute respect and deference like any other previous person who held this office.

More surprisingly then just dismissing each of these accusations as “false” , some Trump loyalists even question the relevance of such allegations, believing that even if Trump is proven to have sexually assaulted one or more women, that does not disqualify him from being president. Let’s keep in mind that Al Franken was pressured to give up his senate seat based on the accusation of just one woman---and for an alleged “offense” that pales in comparison to what 26 women have accused Trump of doing to them. Matt Lauer and many other men were fired from jobs not nearly as high profile or consequential as president and leader of the free world. How can it be that the standard for behavior of the president is so low for pro-Trump/MAGA voters---as long as the name of that president is Donald Trump? A Burning Platform for the Press and for All of Us

This issue and the claims of these 26 women haven’t been taken very seriously in the close to four years since the first 25 went public. It’s a major failing of our free press, and our political and legal system that something this serious could be underplayed and largely ignored for so long, and that the president effectively be given “absolute immunity” from even being investigated for things that would result in a significantly long prison sentence for anyone else.

It’s now mid-September and long past time for all of us to dig into this critical issue, asking detailed questions and taking the claims of each of these 26 women seriously. To do otherwise is to show disrespect to these women and the importance of the “Me Too” movement that had such a powerful and profound effect upon all of us, for the better. What does it say about our nation if we all turn a blind eye to the very real possibility that we have a serial rapist and sex criminal in the White House?

Giving Donald Trump a “pass” on all of these horrific accusations would be a blight on all of us and the system of law and justice which holds our social fabric together. If we disregard the stories of these 26 women, sweep them all under the rug, claim that there “are more important issues in this election” or that it would be “unfair” or “inappropriate” to give this the close and serious attention it deserves---BEFORE Election Day---then we are neglecting our responsibilities as citizens and voters. Worst of all, we’ll be sending a signal to ALL girls and women, that they’re not to be taken seriously when they have the courage to come forward to face their assaulters and to demand justice.

The time has come for a very open, candid and detailed public discussion of these very serious accusations against Donald Trump. It’s up to each one of us to insist that these claims FINALLY be given the time, attention and coverage that they should have received a long time ago---especially with so much at stake in this critical election.

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Trump and his team are counting on us to lose interest in these and other very real allegations about his immoral, unethical and even criminal behavior as he continues his campaign of distraction. His apologists have ready answers to throw those who look deeper off the trail. Check out our next post: Can All 26 Be Lying? Part Two: Debunking Flimsy Excuses & Conspiracy Theories Related to Trump Sexual Assault Allegations for answers to their Trump defenses an expose on their tactics.