Can All 26 Be Lying? Debunking Flimsy Excuses & Conspiracy Theories Related to Trump Sexual Assaults

(Part Two of Two)

“They’re all lying---every single one of them! All of these things being said by these 26 different women are 100% false, untrue and completely made up just to hurt Trump!”

“They know Trump is rich and they’re just trying to get money from him!”

“All these women just hate Trump. They’re making up these stories just to make him look bad right before an election!”

“Every one of these women just wants the spotlight and the attention, publicity and fame that comes with accusing a celebrity of doing something wrong.”

“Uh...George Soros or some other liberal guy with lots of money is just paying these women to make up these stories.”

“And remember, Bill Clinton did the same exact thing. No difference!”

Blah blah blah blah blah...Yadda yadda yadda...Everything written above is nonsense. Clearly. But in a desperate attempt to “rationalize” or “normalize” the sick and sickening behavior of a serial sexual predator named Donald Trump, his stalwart apologists have come up with all sorts of ridiculous excuses, rationalizations, irrelevant comparisons and “tribal-based” outright denials.

The need to change the subject, quickly, and focus on something else is imperative for Trump and his most loyal followers; thus the laughable list of flimsy explanations listed above.

Let’s take a look at some of them and how well each stands up to scrutiny:

“They’re all lying---every single one of them! All of these things being said by these 26 different women are 100% false, untrue and completely made up just to hurt Trump!”

Really? Well, that’s interesting. We’re expected to believe that all of these 26 women are making up stories out of whole cloth? 100% invented. Never even occurred. Never once met Donald Trump. Total fiction. Every detail of all 26 stories never happened. All 26 are either insane and delusional or maliciously mendacious. All 26 are just obsessed with being “famous” or getting rich at any cost. Not a single grain of truth from any of these women’s harrowing experiences. Really?

So what number of women WOULD be considered credible? At what numeric value do these accusations go from “nonsense” to truth? Is 26 “ridiculous” but 99 “undeniable?” Does that make a mere 9 accusations “laughable”? Under this “logic” would 47 be considered “indeterminate?”

How many women have to come forward for them to be believed? And if it was proven that “only one” of the allegations of sexual assault against Trump was true would that make it acceptable or understandable?

“They know Trump is rich and they’re just trying to get money from him!”

In virtually every one of the accusations against Trump, the statute of limitations has long passed. All of the 26 women who came forward with their stories did so before the election, some of them sought out by intrepid reporters who were prodded by the release of the “Access Hollywood” tape just days earlier. Was money ever mentioned by any of these women, before or after? The only women we know of who received money from Trump were two who admitted to having had consensual sexual relations with him; Karen McDougal and Stormy Daniels. If it was “all about the money” there are apparently easier ways to get it from Donald Trump.

“All these women just hate Trump. They’re making up these stories only to make him look bad right before an election!”

Again, these types of stories about Donald Trump and his sexual aggressions had been circulating for years. With the help of loyal, obsequious lackeys and expensive lawyers, Trump managed to keep these stories from gaining media exposure. However, once the Access Hollywood tape was exposed, roughly one month before Election Day, it created a climate where these women’s stories were much more likely to be believed and where reporters were now actively investigating them. None of the original 26 stories were “timed just before election day.”

“Every one of these women just wants the spotlight and the attention, publicity and fame that comes with accusing a celebrity of doing something wrong.”

Spotlight? Attention? Publicity? Fame?!?! Think it out. Imagine yourself as a victim of sexual assault committed by a rich and famous person---particularly one who is known for aggressively hiring lawyers to discredit and threaten anyone who dares to tell the truth and reveal things he’s trying to cover up.

Put yourself in their position for a moment; How likely would you be to come forward under these circumstances?

There is now a widespread awareness that many, if not most, women who are

raped or sexually assaulted don’t come forward and report the crime. The reasons for this are numerous and complex; and those reasons are that much intensified when the person is any sort of celebrity or person of power. Women who have the courage and fortitude to come forward, publicly, to accuse someone of great wealth, power and fame of sexual misconduct are exceptional, courageous and willing to risk almost everything in their lives. And in the case of someone in the political arena, with a vast number of fanatic followers who worship and adore him, the risks to their lives and well-being are significantly higher.

Once you come out publicly and tell the truth about being sexually assaulted by Donald Trump you’re heading into a world where everything you value and cherish is now on the line. Everyone in the world now knows who you are. You could lose your job as few employers need that type of “controversy” in their workplace. Your family and friends might be greatly displeased with your decision, sometimes cutting off communications with you. At a minimum it will inevitably impact the quality of many of your relationships in a negative way. But that’s not even the worst of it; you’ll be trashed savagely and relentlessly on social media, slandered beyond all decency, called every vile name in the book. Your reputation---among millions of people you don’t know and will likely never meet---will be destroyed in many places, as if YOU were the criminal, the perpetrator of this awful crime instead of the innocent victim.

And then there are the death and rape threats. The vicious hate coming through email, postal mail, voicemail, text and more. Men telling you that “you deserved it” and that they’re going to rape you and/or kill you and even your family members. Sickos crawling out from under every rock gleefully promising to destroy you and end your very life. And it often adds up to dozens or even hundreds of such disgusting threats daily for weeks or months on end. So, can someone explain the “gain” or the “benefits” of coming out publicly against your sexual attacker? None of this sounds like wanted attention, publicity or fame. It sounds more like your life becoming a living nightmare. Given these realities for any woman who comes out to accuse Donald Trump of sexual assault, it’s astonishing that 26 of them had the guts and the bravery to do this. It’s not hard to imagine that there must be many more who haven’t come forward and that 26 is probably just the tip of the iceberg.

“Uh...George Soros or some other liberal guy with lots of money is just paying these women to make up these stories.”

The reason for the “uh” is to underscore how desperately impromptu this particular claim truly is. You could substitute the name of other very wealthy supporters of progressive causes and candidates but the extreme right seems to have a particular obsession, bordering on fetishism, when it comes to George Soros. So, of course, if these 26 women have come forward, not only are all of them lying but they MUST be getting paid to create these 100% false narratives. And who better to blame for funding all of it but the ultra-right’s favorite bogeyman, George Soros. (And the fact that Soros happens to be Jewish makes him that much more of a “perfect villain ” for so much of today’s “Alt Right.”)

“And remember, Bill Clinton did the same exact thing to just as many women. No difference!”

This is one of the more egregious and mendacious claims made by Trump defenders. Anyone saying this is either truly obtuse, or woefully ignorant of the facts, mathematically challenged, or just trying to manipulate public opinion with the hope that the average person is too lazy or incurious to know or care about the truth.

Donald Trump is accused of sexual assault or rape by 26 different women. twenty-six. Bill Clinton, in stark contrast, has admitted to having a consensual affair with two different women and accused by a total of four different women of sexual assault and/or sexual misconduct.

But in stark contrast to Trump, who has thus far avoided even a cursory investigation of just one of these 26 allegations, each of these six allegations against Clinton been thoroughly investigated in a never-ending avalanche of articles, public discussions, and book and most intensely by the Kenneth Starr Whitewater investigation that was supposed to be about his family’s private investments and possible financial entanglements but soon became an “anything goes” fishing expedition in search of a criminal offense.

A good deal of ambiguity remains with each of these four serious allegations against former President Clinton, and in more than one case prior claims were contradicted upon formal investigation.

But here’s the crux of the issue; there WAS a long, drawn-out, detailed formal investigation of these claims against William Jefferson Clinton; when will we see even the most perfunctory investigation of the 26 criminal claims against Donald John Trump?

Let’s assume for the sake of argument that each and every one of these FOUR allegations was absolutely true and that Bill Clinton is indeed guilty of these four horrific charges; Donald Trump was accused of 22 more such crimes and NONE of them have been investigated. Why? twenty-six is substantially more than four.

But even IF Bill Clinton was guilty of each and every one of these four accusations---and even if the actual events were far more horrific than anything alleged by any of these four women---what does any of that have to do with the accusations against Donald Trump?

Would the fact that another elected official did the same thing exonerate the accused in a completely separate case? If more than one person is guilty of a similar offense does that mitigate or even excuse someone else? Do two wrongs equal a right? Pointing the finger at someone else is a Trump specialty. It’s another example of his trademark sleazy tactic of trying to shift attention from the subject at hand to something else. But such attempts at spinning and distraction don’t constitute innocence.

It doesn’t matter who else might have been accused of something similar; if you’ve committed a serious offense, once, twice or even twenty-six times, those crimes must be thoroughly investigated and given the scrutiny that they deserve. Trying to minimize what you did by pointing to the accusations against others is an obvious attempt to confuse and distract. It’s long past time to open up a formal investigation regarding each and every one of these 26 criminal allegations against Donald Trump. He’s managed to run and hide from this type of needed inquiry for almost four years. It’s now time for we Americans, prior to this year’s election, to learn the truth, the whole truth and nothing but the truth about Donald Trump and the very real possibility of his being a serial sexual assaulter.