Is Trump Our Most Effeminate President?

Behind his "macho tough guy" image is he really a whining, insecure wuss?

"Real men" don't talk about it. Or have to prove it. Or constantly reassure themselves. Or brag, bluster or bloviate with the desperate hope that they can convince others. At least that's what boys and men were raised to believe when Donald Trump was growing up and coming of age. There's absolutely nothing "bad" or "wrong" about femininity or what has traditionally been considered feminine traits in any gender, but given Donald Trump's beliefs and attitudes---if one subscribes to the archaic, woefully outdated, stereotypes of "male" vs. "female," as he obviously does---he might be accurately described as the most "girlish" president in history. His obsession with the very surface and superficial; what he sees in the mirror, his "must be perfectly coiffed" hair style, his showy grooming, the very pricy and ostentatious fancy clothes and the primary importance of his personal image and appearance over almost everything else. That's Donald J. Trump. Beyond his compulsive primping, Trump's disposition is one of constant, vicious jejue putdowns regarding another's imperfections; and his most intense ire is almost always reserved for females. His spiteful and "catty" attacks on Twitter, largely reminiscent of the hoary cliches that dominated Trump's youth are now familiar 21st century lore; prosaic insults that someone in 1959 might describe as "typical of teenage girls vying for popularity and the attention of cute boys."

Trump's constant whining, pouting, ad hominem slanders, rumor mongering and his deliberate spreading of malicious, fallacious gossip is the very type of behavior that preadolescent females are often lectured about and disciplined for.

It's both very funny and puzzling. Why Donald Trump---this relic who crawled out from an age where "girls were girls and men were men"---would contradict so many of the hackneyed, discredited, myopic views about "appropriate gender behavior" from decades long past in his day to day speech and actions.

How can Trump---and his most stalwart supporters, of any gender---overlook what is so increasingly obvious to any objective observer?

When you talk about "Mean Girls" what comes to mind? None of the other 44 males who held this high office before him ever publicly uttered words like "nasty woman," "fat pig," or "she was bleeding from her whatever" about females they disliked. But my neighbor's 13 year old daughter has at times let loose with similar epithets against girls she "hates!"

Donald Trump is---and apparently always has been---obsessed with his preening, appearance, image, brand, style, clothes, showing off and always claiming to be more beautiful than anyone else. If you see him shopping at Claire's or Justice at any time in the future and he claims to be buying something for Melania or can pretty confidently add that to his extremely long and ever growing list of prevarications.

You're "such a girl," Donald! Not that there's anything wrong with that. But it's long past time that Trump himself and his most loyal subjects begin to acknowledge the obvious.

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